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New and shiny...old and busted?

I had a comment on this blog the other day which I really got to thinking about following a discussion on a private list about how we market technologies. This is one area I'm really not qualified to talk about in any kind of 'semi-official' way but it's one of the things which bubbles under the surface of my day to day job. It's a constant irritation working at MS...frankly some people hate us, with a passion. A fair number of the people I've talked to at work are confused by to day we really do work hard to...

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Q: If there were two of you, which one would win?

Love this...that is all...

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Bah...I can't get no least I have a good book!

Well another night where I can't sleep...alarm clock is set for 5:30am (have to do some work before a meeting) and I'm currently tracking about 5 hours sleep tonight. Weirdest thing is that I fell asleep on the sofa during Cavemen; probably best all round...managing to make a sitcom with no com is quite an achievement...really is dire! Hmm...wonder if I should try a 'proper' sleeping aid?Anyway one good thing about my inability to sleep is that it gave me some time to catch up on my reading; currently reading Halting State by Charles Stross essentially it's a sci-fi crime drama...

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Geek philosophy - The Singularity is Near

Are we living in a simulation? Whilst randomly surfing I came across this site, basically it's a link site to a series of papers investigating the question of whether what we currently perceive as reality is really just a simulation of the past being run by some future entity. Obviously The Matrix was the biggest popular look at this but it is a fascinating (though by it's nature, unanswerable) question. Certainly gives the whole 'creation' argument a new spin...wikipedia entry here. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earthAnd the earth was without form, and void; and...

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Got the sucks!

Pah...had a cold all weekend and it's still hanging on...symptoms are fairly easy to control with decongestants, Dayquil / Nyquil etc...but the way my body deals with sickness is making me sleep for vast lengths of time; in the past 3 days I've probably been awake for 10 hours in total! So, plan is to get back to work tomorrow...well, we'll see...not looking too likely so far! It also sucks that my family are all about 5000 miles away...only thing worse than being sick is being sick with no-one to complain to about it...Anyway, on the rare occasions I've been awake...

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"As simple as possible but no simpler" : my obsession with Muji

I thought I'd share with all of you my obsession with all things Muji, for those who don't know Muji is a Japanese store which sells 'minimalist' items for everyday use. Now, they don't *seem* to be minimalist for any other reason that it makes the stuff cheaper, from the site's own 'What is MUJI?": "Lower priced for a reason." "This phrase encapsulates how we can provide our Muji products at lower prices. We launched our Muji brand by designing and developing products that might almost be regarded as substandard if based on traditional criteria, although they are, of course, actually of...

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Great book...

I've been reading the current debate on Microsoft's position on an anti-discrimination bill in the US right now, I have no right to comment on this other than to say that I value consistency and fairness above most other things in life.What I am reminded of though is a book I'm reading right now, Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham - this is a truly brilliant book, examining all sorts of stuff to do with 'hacker philosophy' including the obsession 'hackers' have with freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I hadn't really twigged before just how intertwined hacking (oh. I'm...

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Current book list...

So, I've been off-blog for a couple of weeks...this is due to my usual intrinsic malaise as well as being heads down on a project at work. But, another reason is the multitude of books I've bought recently (these as usual also reflect my current obsessions )... Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion - this is a just phenomenal book on the wonderous Source Control system Subversion, covers everything you'd need to know if you wanted to shift off the decidedly aged SourceSafe and on to something more stable (and don't want to wait / pay for VSTS) A New Kind Of...

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Eric Rounds it off

Following on from Part 3 , Eric Lippert has posted Part 4 of his series of posts on Hashing and security he also discusses Keberos...If you're really into this sort of stuff but not from an overly mathematical background (like me) the best book I've found on Cryptography is Practical Cryptography by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schnier this covers pretty much everything the non-NSA employee could need to know about this topic.

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State of play...

Well, sorry I've been light on the posting for a couple of weeks - been a bit caught up in some stuff going on (my uncle died) as well as starting a new project at work. I haven't been entirely away from blogs though, here's a few articles I've been reading recently: XML Performance Checklist, and some issues on XPath evaluation Neural Networks in .NET Customize User interfaces and Pass User Information to Installer ClassesCustomizing your .NET deployment projects Also been buying a couple of decent books (and a couple of crap ones which I won't mention)...

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