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A history of what comes next...(totally random!)

This is basically a brain dump...watching / reading too much Sci-Fi :-) Was thinking about the Technological Singularity and how it could happen...which lead me to a different slant on the topic...Be glad I usually spare you these strange mental spasms! I kinda liked this one tho' Starter phase: transparent electronic retinal implant Uses nano electrodes to stimulate the retina given specific wavelengths of infrared light. A minor modification would allow the use of this device as an optical overlay. A very small camera may be implanted within the vitreous fluid of the eye, allowing the instantaneous interpretation...

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Zeroes and Ones

Ah, the early nineties! Zeros and Ones, along with the video below it defined the early nineties for me (sorry aggregators you have to come to the site to see these :)). I'm 36 years old tomorrow (8th Feb) and the world has changed so much in the last 19 years. The time of these songs was right at the start of the internet, the early nineties. At the time I was barely even aware of the changes happening all around us. I remember using gopher and seeing the very first browser NCSA Mosaic at University .Though I...

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John Lam’s Dev Kit

Kind of a 'tools' list but a great post on what John uses on his machine...a few new ones I hadn't seen which is always nice!

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Ok, time to get serious...

This site is increasing in subscriber numbers (literally doubled in a single day on the feedburner feed...not sure why!).I've also finally gotten my act together and got my old domain pointing back here again (only took me umm...a year). I guess it's time I got more serious abut this site again. I've held off posting any more articles for a long time (read the blog, I suffer from a chronic lack of self confidence) but I guess it's time to get back on the bike. What I do want to post about is the more basic stuff,...

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Anniversaries make me the last best chance

It's been ten years K...I know you still read this blog on occasion. This is for last best chance...

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My experimental blog...

  UPDATE: I'm not moving to've spent a couple of days working through the code and to get the level of performance I want would take a significant amount of rework. The most serious issue is how BlogEngine loads in loads them all into memory at first page load and holds them there...great if you have 20 or so posts, but I have >800 with hundreds more comments...this is a significant issue IMHO! It's an elegant little engine but it just doesn't scale at a pretty fundamental level. I'm now a proud member of Phil's SubText Project, vNext...

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The state of the art...spelunking in the .NET Source

One of the nice things about being on the ASP.NET team is that I finally get to scratch the various itches (on that topic, Poison Oak...very itchy!) that have been bugging me for a few years. I finally get to play around with the source and see what effect changing various bits and bobs has on how stuff works.  I really do recommend spending some time spelunking in the .NET Source code. You can actually get this source (in a very non-official and non-supported way) using .NET Mass Downloader. This is just such an awesome resource...want to see how a...

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New and shiny...old and busted?

I had a comment on this blog the other day which I really got to thinking about following a discussion on a private list about how we market technologies. This is one area I'm really not qualified to talk about in any kind of 'semi-official' way but it's one of the things which bubbles under the surface of my day to day job. It's a constant irritation working at MS...frankly some people hate us, with a passion. A fair number of the people I've talked to at work are confused by to day we really do work hard to...

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Somewhere along the way I lost my self confidence.

To was great while it lasted. I envy people with self confidence...there was a time when I had it but it slipped away over the years. Now I spend more and more time faking it; I'm sorry I couldn't keep up the pretense...

posted @ Monday, April 14, 2008 10:31 PM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ Random ]

Ack Ack!

Well, it's the last day in my first week with the ASP.NET team (kind of, a few people are off to MIX) . It's been a pretty interesting week...lots to learn etc...I'm still getting used to the team dynamic and my place in that (I think everyone else is a senior...I'm not due to some dubious career choices over the years). Still, I have lots of responsibility and a lot of work to do over the next short while...mostly focused around releases and our process for some future work (I *did* come from Project remember ;-)). It has been a...

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