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In a new world, my new job and coming to terms with ExtJs

After over a year away from them, I'm busy at my new job in Glasgow with Dell (you know, they make the big black computers) as a Senior Dev Lead (I think, titles are still a bit mixed up). Loving being back working with a team; though I've spent most of my time sniping from the sidelines...the beginnings of my influencing the future direction our application takes. This is a bit of a departure for me, I'm used to developing very high scale and performance apps for internet use, but this one has a more limited audience (so far!) ....

posted @ Monday, January 24, 2011 1:57 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET JQuery ]

Best Practices for .NET developers

This is something I'm doing for my team at work...thought you may like a look / comment etc... Know the SOLID principles... See (the first 5). These are fundamental principles for good OO software design, know them! If you don't need it...delete it! As for Code Comments below, never check in an Excluded Class to the source control system. It adds noise and is a great way to have hard to trace exceptions if they're accidentally re-included. Code comments I know it's in the policy document but to be honest no-one uses...

posted @ Tuesday, January 18, 2011 5:46 AM | Feedback (19) | Filed Under [ .NET ]

Handy indexes for versioning with RavenDB

Mainly for me to remember this but if you're using the excellent Versioning bundle for RavenDB then you'll find you quickly need to work out a way to get the latest version of a document if querying on any field other than ID (I *believe* ID actually only gets the latest one). The little index definitions below do just that (the secome one is just adding another field to the map so I can query by that...useful example)... documentStore.DatabaseCommands.PutIndex("CurrentVersion", ...

posted @ Monday, July 12, 2010 6:59 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET RavenDB ]

John Lam’s Dev Kit

Kind of a 'tools' list but a great post on what John uses on his machine...a few new ones I hadn't seen which is always nice!

posted @ Monday, September 08, 2008 3:35 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET Random ]

Premature optimization and user pet project and CSS Sprites

One of the themes I'm looking at for vNext of ASP.NET is the optimization of sites by reducing the number of server requests required for a single page. A new classic in the area of improving the perceived performance of your sites by reducing the number of server roundtrips is Steven Sounders book 'High Performance Websites'. Steven's book is very small, very readable and probably the best book on anything to do with the web that I've read in years. This book was a huge revelation for me...I spent most of my coding career writing the slickest, highest performing code I could...and frankly...

posted @ Friday, July 11, 2008 7:54 PM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET Code Snippets ]

My secret project....NET 3.5 SP1 Beta (well, the release bit)

I should have made this a better post but anyway. Brad Abrams just posted about the .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta release . We've also posted a bunch of new Screencasts covering the new features for ASP.NET in this release, as well as a readme which has some getting started and upgrade information for migrating from the previous release...

posted @ Monday, May 12, 2008 9:53 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET ]

Grrr...poor use of singletons and a very cool Generic Singleton pattern!

I posted earlier that I'm switching to, as part of this I've been fiddling around with the code (as is my way..I'll contribute back to the source when I've finished). One of my major pet hates is poor use of the singleton pattern, especially as there's a definitive article on the pattern in .NET and how to do it well. It's actually likely that this pattern is overkill in this case and a ReaderWriterLockSlim could be better (though it has it's own problems) . Anyway, on the assumption that a Singleton is the best choice here, let's look at...

posted @ Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:42 PM | Feedback (7) | Filed Under [ .NET Code Snippets ASP.NET Tips ]

Why do single chances make me should come with an undo function...

Spent most of the day not doing what I should've been doing. I have a number of balls in the air at the moment and it feels like I've just added a spinning plate act at the same time...noisy disaster may ensue. Right now I'm working on another Codeplex release, working on a private build of some beta bits for the Insiders, getting our bugs migrated to the right place so we can get cracking on ASP.NET v.Next, getting the notes together for the last meeting (before the next one happens!) as well as getting the Hands-On-Labs ready for this...

posted @ Tuesday, April 15, 2008 10:01 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET ]

Obsessive Coding, optimal string Reverse...

I love this type of thing, a whole post on optimal string reverse algorithms. I always love this sort of thing, learning huge amounts of detail about fundamental operations (sort of, umm when do you ever reverse strings?). Actually looking at Justin Rogers' blog he has lots of great performance posts...

posted @ Monday, February 04, 2008 9:00 AM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ .NET Performance ]

Why do so many people mess up Singletons?

I've written about this a few times now (use the search thingy to find where) but I'm still surprised how many people mess up the Singleton pattern.   For instance take: if (blogSettingsSingleton == null)                 {                     blogSettingsSingleton = new BlogSettings();                 }                 return blogSettingsSingleton;   Looks ok, right? But this is a classic poor pattern when dealing with multi-threaded apps. Why? Look at the initial 'if' statement, and think what happens if multiple treads hit this at the same thread...

posted @ Sunday, January 27, 2008 4:47 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET Code Snippets Patterns Performance ]

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