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End of a busy week

Well, that's it...TechReady1 is at an end, as with all conferences there were some high and low points (usual lows, level of content...length of sessions etc). The highs were pretty good though! C# 3.0 is just looking amazing - you'll just love this stuff when you see it at the PDC; there have been some *sneaks* which may or may not be true and I guess there will be some controversy about some of the new stuff...but I just love it! Seeing Anders Hejlserg's presentation and Chalk Talk you can tell how excited he is about this stuff too...just get your...

posted @ Friday, August 05, 2005 8:30 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET Longhorn VS.NET Whidbey ]

Joel Spolsky on Microsoft and why Longhorn / WinFX could fail.

Basically, Joel covers a whole bunch of ground in this article, including issues like why it's not in Microsoft's best interest to support DHTML and advance Internet Explorer (which actually explains a WHOLE LOT!), and the basic problem around Windows - including why he thinks Avalon / Longhorn is a really have to read it, as usual it's a measured approach and very thought provoking!My opinion (as if you care :-)), it's tricky territory for Microsoft, as Joel points out, the Web is probably never going to be a big earner for Microsoft; desktop apps like Office etc require...

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Longhorn install on VMWare 4.0

Well, went very smoothly - just got the DL off of MSDN subs downloads, mounted the iso as a disk for VMWare, fired it up in "2003 Server" config - installed perfectly! Seems to be better connecting using Terminal Services (RDP) - installing Whidbey now - gotta say, VMWare just kills VirtualPC right now...the current VPC doesn't event pretend to be able to run Longhorn, VMWare is pretty seamless, can't wait to try 2004 now that MS will be 'enhancing' it...I realise there's too many of this type of post around at the moment, sorry for adding to the swarf! UPDATE: ...

posted @ Friday, November 14, 2003 2:24 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Longhorn ]

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