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HTTP Optimization the easy way: Part 1, how do I know?

Modern websites necessarily make a lot of requests for resources back to the server.  Through books like those by Steve Souders we've become increasingly aware that each of these requests causes a delay in whatever it is your user has requested being downloaded and displayed. If you don't have both of Steve's books, get them...and spend an hour or two going through his's awesome stuff. The term commonly used for the various efforts to reduce the number of requests made to a server is HTTP Optimization. This is a topic I've been investigating / playing with for...

posted @ Monday, August 30, 2010 12:24 PM | Feedback (2) | Filed Under [ Http Optimization YSlow! Firebug ]

Back to posting this weekend…

Promising to do this for a while. I only really like to post about new stuff..others can cover old stuff in detail. Right now I'm learning: FubuMVC: a kind of super flexible, advanced version of an ASP.NET MVC framework.  Has proven challenging to learn but really worthwhile. RavenDB: fantastic, document oriented database. Fits in really well with web development but has some unique challenges. JQuery: far from new, but building lovely UIs with it, REALLY improving my general Javascript dev skills (a lot thanks to this book). ...

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