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Handy indexes for versioning with RavenDB

Mainly for me to remember this but if you're using the excellent Versioning bundle for RavenDB then you'll find you quickly need to work out a way to get the latest version of a document if querying on any field other than ID (I *believe* ID actually only gets the latest one). The little index definitions below do just that (the secome one is just adding another field to the map so I can query by that...useful example)... documentStore.DatabaseCommands.PutIndex("CurrentVersion", ...

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Of the beginning…

So, I'm not dead! Have been busy moving house, getting two new kittens (Tycho and Cozmo) and bascially settling into my new existence.   I HAVE also been getting back down to some serious coding. LOVING RavenDB (I seriously think it is THE .NET database of choice now), getting deep an dirty with some awesome HTTP optimization techniques...which I really do have to blog about soon! My first pointers to HTTP optimization greateness are: Chirpy: a brilliant little VS add-in (check the Codeplex page for the VS 2010 version) , compresses...

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