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All about me...

Reading Phil and ScottHa's 'Five things you didn't know about me' posts and started one of my own...but I only got to number two before I realized that the rest are either very illegal / potentially career ending so I stopped. Anyway I haven't posted here for a while and I wanted to give my reader an update on what's happenin' wit me...

Features...the name MS gives to 'stuff that's in the product', working away on some WebForms stuff. Some stuff has already made it to the world. I've worked on the ability to specify your own Ids for controls (client side) and currently looking at some Routing stuff, improving how our controls render their content as well as a hodge-podge of other stuff for ASP.NET 4.0.  In general I 'own' WebForms so all of my work revolves around improving the experience using this stuff.

Releases...if there's one thing the ASP.NET team does really well it's generate 'stuff', one of my responsibilities is how / where / when we release this 'stuff'; as an example we just released work from the ASP.NET QA team as well as 'Dynamic Language Support' updates. Doing this takes a lot of work for everyone involved, from the teams actually doing the work to my little part at the end where I make sure we're good to release stuff (legal, honest, useful) / do the physical release.

Process...probably my least favorite bit of my job, but a necessary one. All sorts of not very interesting stuff around navigating the bullshit that comes with working in a big company right through to dealing with incoming bugs / making sure dev's fixing them, PMs are making judgement calls and QA is testing the fixes. No-one likes doing it but my job's to buffer the team from all of the crap which inevitably goes along with what we do. of my favorite bits of my job, working with groups like the ASP Insiders, events and generally looking after how the product team interacts with this stuff (and making sure we don't forget it!). Sounds easy but my (*heavily filtered) inbox gets >300 mails a day, about 10% of which are bang (!) of the hardest skills as a PM in MS is just managing your mail / keeping up with all the threads going on at any particular moment.

Personal life...pretty much dead. I made the decision after breaking up with my last girlfriend in March to take a year off and get things straight...5 years of continuous dating with a mean relationship length of ~2 months wasn't healthy.

So that's me...I'm a bit 'behind the scenes' on the team at the moment (well, compared to superstars like Haacked) but hey, I'm happy getting things done. I'll start speaking at conferences in the next few months...especially as my features will start getting more attention.

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# re: All about me...

Hi Scott,

I'm not sure if you remember me - we worked together at BlackID for about 5 mins. Just a note to say hi and glad to see you're doing so well!


9/26/2008 6:58 AM | Donnie

# re: All about me...

Will be good to see you around a bit more :)
9/29/2008 7:22 AM | Chris Hardy
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