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Visual Studio 2008 PowerCommands

I keep losing these, the Visual Studio 2008 PowerCommands, these are one of my essential installs for VS 2008, from the site: Below is a list of the included in PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008 version 1.1. Refer to the Readme document for additional command details and screenshots. Enable/Disable PowerCommands in Options dialog This feature allows you to select which commands to enable in the Visual Studio IDE. Point to the Tools menu, then click Options. Expand the PowerCommands options, then click Commands. Check the commands you would like to enable. ...

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Scott Galloway: 70+ large(ish) projects, 4 application frameworks (in 3 languages)

I was reading Hanselman's latest post about (paraphrashing) defining the level of 'expertise'. This got me to thinking, I've been a 'professional' developer since ~1997, and for most of the time I've worked in web agencies...this seems pretty unusual. Web Agencies are essentially companies which build bespoke websites for customers, over varying levels of complexity. What I got used to over the years was a process which became known as 'agile', these projects had VERY quick turnarounds (around 3 months max from starting the design to deploying the site), usually only involved a couple of devs + designers and were...

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Sysinternals kickin' it old skool!

I am so tragically unhip...I know! Anyway I thought this was remarkably useful, a simple way to download the Sysinternals tools without having to trudge through a webpage...a retweet from Jon (no relation) Galloway.  Zoomit is worth the price of admission alone for presenters! UPDATE: What I didn't know is that in Win2008 / Vista you can do this: \\\tools\procexp.exe and run the tool directly from the that's useful!

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The best URL

Another in an endless series of posts; as I'm reengaging with the developer world I'm starting to find more and more great software. I've been Twittering a fair bit (both in the literal and figurative senses, you can follow me here) and needed to find a good URL shortening service (as Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters) and have been using the Twhirl client to do this. Twhirl includes some URL Shortening functionality within the client and by virtue of being the shortest and fastest to respond my favorite is

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Better than Darkroom...Q10 battle of the minimalist text editors

There's been a bit of a meme flying around over the past little while about minimalist text editors, starting with the Mac app Writeroom. The concept of these applications is that when you're writing you need as little distraction as possible...I've totally hooked into this concept as I find myself spending more time fighting with Word than actually writing anything (paragraph formatting, fonts, text colors, margins...all distractions). The most popular of this genere of programs for PC is Darkroom, written in .NET 2.0 and well, it does the job. Personally I found it a bit slow and it just felt...

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Random .NET Links...result of a wasted weekend.

Below is the result of a wasted Saturday night, I'll clean this up later but right now it's just the export of the favorites from IE and not much else. This is a very random list right now, but there's some real gems in there! .NET slave - A state aware generic list .NET slave - The method you didn't know you needed Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Part 13 CSS Mastery Advanced Web Standards Solutions Andy Budd, Simon Collison, Cameron Moll Books Enterprise Service Bus David Chappell Books Head First...

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Desperately seeking a project to play with...

As I posted previously, I've decided to abandon my plans to port to; mainly due to some scalability issues with the platform. As a result I'm trying to work out a project I can build to achieve three things; get more familiar with all of my team's new technologies, get into the mindset of developers again and well, to have fun! Here's my requirements; CSS based page design (I'll explain why at a later date) NOT a Twitter clone or blog (way too many people already doing these!) ...

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My experimental blog...

  UPDATE: I'm not moving to've spent a couple of days working through the code and to get the level of performance I want would take a significant amount of rework. The most serious issue is how BlogEngine loads in loads them all into memory at first page load and holds them there...great if you have 20 or so posts, but I have >800 with hundreds more comments...this is a significant issue IMHO! It's an elegant little engine but it just doesn't scale at a pretty fundamental level. I'm now a proud member of Phil's SubText Project, vNext...

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RSS Feed Moved to Feedburner

Ramping this thing up for a big change...working on a translation piece between a (heavily modified) and the current platform feed is here: Rss. Planning to spend the weekend whipping this thing into shape...

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Dumb little recursive, generic FindControl method...

Doing some app building and I needed to use FindControl to manipulate a control in the OnItemCreated event in a Repeater...well, to save a bit of typing I came up with this extension method:   namespace Presentation {     public static class ControlHelper     {         public static T FindControl<T>(this System.Web.UI.Control root, string controlId, bool recursive) where T: System.Web.UI.Control         {             if(root.Controls!=null && root.Controls.Count>0 && root.FindControl(controlId) != null)             { ...

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The best compression software on the planet - 7-Zip

The first bit of software I install, 7-Zip, it's free, supports the majority of the compression formats you'll ever need (including unpacking MSIs which can be handy!). Oh, and it comes with source (which is cool if you're a compression freak like me...)

posted @ Tuesday, May 13, 2008 7:52 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Links ]

Worldwide Telescope

It's now public! I've been playing with this for a few months and I can say that it's just can explore the sky like nothing before, get a sense of the real scale of the universe...absolutely stunning! Oh, and try some of the guided tours...high school physics classes will never be the same again!

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My secret project....NET 3.5 SP1 Beta (well, the release bit)

I should have made this a better post but anyway. Brad Abrams just posted about the .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta release . We've also posted a bunch of new Screencasts covering the new features for ASP.NET in this release, as well as a readme which has some getting started and upgrade information for migrating from the previous release...

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First cold since the new 'healthy lifestyle'...

I've wound up sleeping all weekend...which is unfortunate as I have a ton of work to do (and a ton of laundry). Always a quandary whether to try and work when ill or just sleep and try and get better for work. Sleep is a winner right now; along with a 5:30am start tomorrow to try and catch up at work. Lessons learnt: don't promise to work the weekend when you're feeling a cold coming on...oh and get the guy who wrote the stuff to write the docs for the stuff.

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Visual Studio...respect my authrateh, I want to go dark!

I've been surreptitiously looking at people's VS color settings over the past few days and there's a definite trend towards 'the dark side', I've been very boring and the only change I really make is to using a non-proportional font(Verdana) and a teeny tiny text size. I would go to the dark side *if* I could get the rest of VS to go the same way...if Office can do surely we can (hopefully when vNext kicks off they'll have some nice UI enhancements). I just think a black text hole in the middle of a generic gray UI looks tacky....

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