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Merging Directories...dumb little code sample

As I've posted about a few times recently I've moved back to a far more technical role and as a result I've been goofing around with some code...The first thing (which I can talk about ;-)) is a little directory merging utility I've been working on...pretty simple but it was fun to play with. You can find it here if you're interested...along with the main bit of source below...more interesting stuff to come (a lot of the stuff I've been writing is using pre-release bits so I will put it here when you can actually use it!) ...

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The ASP.NET MVC Framework Source goes live on Codeplex!

This is the first big thing I worked on in the ASP.NET team, the release of the ASP.NET MVC Source Code to Codeplex. Scott Guthrie announced this  a few minutes ago and as he says it's the first of a number we have planned over the next while. What is surprising is how much time and how many people it takes to pull a release like this together...but I really think it's the start of something really amazing and to quote a corny phrase 'you ain't seen nothing yet!'

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End of a long day...

Well I've been working (with numerous others...well regularly annoying them throughout the day) for a release in then next short while onto Codeplex. Takes a surprising amount of work, but I'm getting excited to see the reaction of the community (one into which I'm slowly filtering back in to).  Anyway, I'm off to bed as I have to get up early and clean before my new cleaner comes (don't ask...I'm not a tidy person). I also wanted to give a shout out to someone who has worked on this release way before I arrived, Bertrand Le Roy and his blog....

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My surreal life...

I'm slowly starting to get used to my new job...I've been an ASP.NET fanboy since my first sight of it about 8 years ago (I think it was called something like NGWS then???). It has been odd, on my bookshelf I have pictures of the people I work with (in books, not in some odd 'stalker' way), I've read the blogs of others for years, and I still have to pause for a second when I wind up talking to them (Mr. Hanselman, that's why I seemed 'distracted' when we talked today!). But I'm starting to get over it...I'm learning...

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Ack Ack!

Well, it's the last day in my first week with the ASP.NET team (kind of, a few people are off to MIX) . It's been a pretty interesting week...lots to learn etc...I'm still getting used to the team dynamic and my place in that (I think everyone else is a senior...I'm not due to some dubious career choices over the years). Still, I have lots of responsibility and a lot of work to do over the next short while...mostly focused around releases and our process for some future work (I *did* come from Project remember ;-)). It has been a...

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I've seen the future and it will be

I took an hour out of my day to walk around Techfest's an internal Microsoft event with all the latest and greatest ideas Microsoft Research comes up with every year. I know there's lots of press coverage of this but remember - the public stuff you've seen represents about 25% of what's actually there! This thing really acts as a pick-me-up for me...there's just such amazing stuff there and a lot of the stuff is of the 'aha' type...where you've seen all the public information around but never really got why it was such a big will be!...

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Live for MIX 08 - new ASP.NET releases

Strangely coinciding with MIX o8 (not really :-)) my team has made a bunch of new releases available to the public: these are all betas or CTPs so obviously don't reelect final quality (you can still do a whole bunch with this stuff though!). This is a remarkable about of work which (as the new boy) I've not really been involved in so far. That will change as we have a ton of other stuff ready to make it out the the developer audience VERY soon! I also fancy putting a sscreencast together on some of this stuff a la...

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First day in my new job...

Phew, it's almost over. I made the mistake of coming in really early to move some bits out of my old office...making a 12 hour work day for myself (I am a total dolt sometimes!). I should add that by 'bits' I mean a huge great reclining chair which won't fit in my new, shared office (sharing with Phil). Anyway I have lots to learn, doing a lot of process stuff at first before moving on to 'owning features' (basically means doing the design, writing the specs etc..). I'll post here when I make any releases for the new ASP.NET...

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