Well, I knew it would happen eventually, I've spent the evening playing with the SubText code (the blog engine this site runs on). I am an inveterate fiddler...I love to hunt through code, figure out how it works (break it invariably) then optimize it. Looks like my machine is still causing my IDE to 'stutter' (lock up for indeterminate periods) but I've been spelunking (good word!) around how requests are processed and pages are composed and there's a few changes I want to make. Note, this isn't a criticism...I just like messing with stuff ; for the record, Phil Haack did a great job keeping this thing going, I like it way better than any other engine out there including Community Server, the 'official' .TEXT successor. 
One of my main reasons to fiddle is that SubText was based on the original .TEXT by Scott Watermasysk which was never really updated for .NET 2.0, so no 'proper' MasterPages, Generics (that I can see) or other .NET 2.0 features. So, anyway plan is to fiddle a fair bit with how this thing works; if you're at all interested, the 'broken version' (more likely than not!) will be on my home machine at http://home.mostlylucid.net it seems like the almighty Comcast has stopped blocking port 80...if you can't see that site well, they've started again.

Anyhoo, not much to see yet but this is my pet project...as usual any changes I make, I'll stick on this blog for all to deride :-)