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Update to my favorite service

I have to say, Skydrive is the best thing Live has done so far in my opinion...very easy way to share files. I use it a lot to share stuff with my family back in the UK, my parents aren't very computer savvy but the Skydrive interface is really simple to use (they're used to folders and such...).
I'm going to be very cheeky and just paste a bit of the mail which one of the PMs (Program Managers) from that team sent round today:

"We’re excited to announce that at 3pm, today, we’re updating Windows Live SkyDrive ( with some new features, and with more storage!  Here are the highlights of these updates.

· 1 GB of storage – Everyone now gets 1 GB of space.

· RSS feeds – You can subscribe to RSS feeds on public folders.  You will receive a notification anytime someone changes the folder.

· Add a contact from the SkyDrive website – You no longer have to go to Hotmail or Messenger to add contacts to share with.  You can now add contacts on the SkyDrive website.

· See who uploaded a file – On the page that tells you all the details about a file, you can now see who uploaded the file.

· Share with non Live IDs—In the past, only Live ID contacts would appear in your contact picker.  Now, you can share with any e-mail address.  The owner of the non Live ID e-mail address will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the shared folder.

· A bunch of more little features and fixes.

Our team blog will be updated at 3pm, and it will highlight some of our new features:"

So, very nice updates...and you can't argue with a full gig of free online storage for just about anything you want! Oh, and if you use Live Writer there's a neat little plugin for embedding Skydrive stuff.
Just for fun here's the code for the little tracking module I wrote a couple of weeks ago (messy code I should add!):

Of course the other cool thing is that I don't pay for the bandwidth that download takes up!
P.S., fo the record here's the SkyDrive team post on the update...

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