If you've been reading the posts on this blog recently you'll have noticed that my posts have been very downbeat...to say the least! The cold which I've had for over a week now has really sapped my energy...combined with the extreme anxiety I caused myself over some stuff at work, it's really left me in a pretty depressed state. So, aim for this weekend is to pull myself out of it!  Steps I'm taking:

  1. Bought Halo 3...
  2. Currently listening to my 'guaranteed feel better music'...won't bore you with it...partly because it's not fit for public consumption and partly because you'll think I'm REALLY nuts!
  3. Sleeping! I really don't do well with sleep deprivation...all of my mental barriers come down and I get a bit emotional.
  4. Reading non-technical books...for various reasons which I've unsubtly alluded to on this blog I've been reading a lot of technical books lately...good for learning, not good for escapism!
  5. No computer...I mean it, I just need a break from this for a couple of days...planning to take a week in a month or so completely away from the computer (back home I used to head into the wilds of Scotland...need to find an equivalent here...which takes cats!)
  6. No work...I really should do something for deadline sake but it's more important right now that I take a break.

So, see you all on Monday; traffic is actually picking up here surprisingly, not back to the 10000 hits a day the old site used to get but getting there! Also a few hits (which aren't me) from work...which is a little worrying!