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I hate Vista!

Just kidding...I actually quite like Vista, it's responsive looks pretty and I just love the Sidebar, even though I thought I would hate's quite addictive having system info, stock prices and links to BBC Radio Streams! Oh, any by the way if you've noticed that the posts are a bit flat...well the obslete version of Community Server I'm running doesn't like IE 7. Having said that I like Vista, I should say I have a couple of issues with it...the most annoying is the way Media Center (I'm using Vista Ultimate which has the Media Center functionality built in) works with...

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Times they are a changin'

Well, the news is that I will be moving to Seattle in about 2 weeks (12th January 2007) and starting my new job in Redmond on the 15th. I'm really looking forward to it and it's a bit of a departure (or full-circle depending on how you think of it), I am joining the Project Server team as a Project Manager. I have managed teams of programmers in the past but this is still a big change; I'll really be managing the feature here rather than the the Microsoft way :-) So apart from that I plan to close this...

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Old photos...

Was just looking through my pics when I found this pretty cool image of a task manager (bear with me :-)). If you zoom in you'll see that this machine has 64 processors (Itanium 2) as well as 512Gb of RAM! Oh, this is the one I mentioned almost a year ago

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