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Another f*cking three things post...

Ok, so I'm a chain-blog whore...but I'm about to go off on holiday for two weeks so I can ignore the abuse :-) I saw this first here Three names you go by ScottBig ScottBig YinThree Screennames you havev0nxneotrakscottgalloway (original huh?)Three things you like about yourselfI have an eerily long attention span when I want toI'm very loyal to the people I loveI'm very empathic Three things you hate / dislike about yourselfI have a tendency to be lazyI can be self-desctructive if I'm not carefulI put on wieght 2000 times faster than I can take it offThree parts of your...

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I don't hate Internet Explorer!

OK, so as usual my wading in to an issue with a slightly off-tangent comment has got adverse reactions (I can't link to the comment on Geoff's blog right now as DotnetJunkies blogs are broken...again...). What I was trying to say is that in it's current form I do think IE has reached the end of it's useful life (it has really been unchanged for more than 5 years remember!) - as a pure software product. In terms of usability, yes the competition do have a HUGE hurdle to overcome - not the least of which is the fact that it's bundled...

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Installing MSN toolbar on Windows Server 2003

Been playing with the new MSN Search toolbar, it is VERY nice however at work I use Windows Server 2003 as my desktop machine (need it for some dev work). Well, it turns out that it is possible to do this - as seen (of all places) Slashdot - in short you just exctract the exe then use this command:msiexec /i MsnToolbarSuite.msi TBSDEVCODE=1, seems just fine after that!Oh, one other thing, to turn off the annoying buttons (which just take up screen real estate for me) go to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSN Apps\DB than add a DWORD value called 'Buttons' with...

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Ever get the feeling you've just made a huge mistake?

Ok, here's the story...In October I saw a posting on Darren Jefford's blog - saying that the team he works on are looking for some new people. Well, I applied...passed both telephone screens and was due to head down to MS Reading for a face-to-face interview. Problem is that it would involve relocating to Reading (I currently live in Edinburgh and all my family are about 60 miles away) - at first I hadn't considered this a problem but the more I thought about it and talked to my family, the more of a problem this seemed - right now there's...

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Off sick...but using my time productively

I am still around, just taking a break from posting for a while - no real excuse other than having nothing going on I feel is worth posting... Currently sitting in bed with a head cold (you know the thing, mucus filled, searing sinus pain etc...) trying to work out what it's safe for me to use (being diabetic I'm not meant to use decongestants...which makes the whole experience much more pleasant!). Anyway, I'm currently reading Managed DirectX  9- Graphics and Game Programming by Tom Miller (US) which is an amazingly good introduction to what is really a whole new world...

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