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Another great HttpModule - free upload module...

Just a quick one - free module for uploading items to ASP.NET, with source code. This is like the holy grail, efficient uploading! (Link is to the guy's blog - he says he'll post news there..)

posted @ Friday, November 19, 2004 11:20 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ ASP.NET ]

Realy nice Regular expression based HttpModule URL Rewriter

Fabrice Marguerie has extended and (IMHO) improved Fritz Onions HttpModule for URL Redirection - basically Fabrice has added the ability to define regular expressions (ala .TEXT) for the redirection. Oh, and the source code implementation is pretty nice too - worth a look if you're just interested in HttpModules!

posted @ Friday, November 19, 2004 11:01 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ ASP.NET ]

Downtime later tonight

I'll have to take down my server for a couple of hours later tonight (16/11/2004) - it will return with a new hard drive (current one is doing a passable impression of a slightly confused dolphin) UPDATE: All done, oh, and I can recommend Powerquest v2I Server Edition (now  Symantec LiveState™ Recovery Advanced Server)  - one click and it copies a whole drive on to another one...

posted @ Tuesday, November 16, 2004 5:07 PM | Feedback (0) |

Essential tool to fix those hard to find ASP.NET problems...

Filemon is a tool which does one simple yet essential thing - shows you what files are accessed by what, when in windows. The most difficult ASP.NET bugs in my experience are to do with permissions / paths, the only way to get to the bottom of these issues is this tool. So, if you have a wierd bug which doesn't make any sense to you when running an ASP.NET app, fire it up and watch for problems.

posted @ Monday, November 15, 2004 1:51 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ ASP.NET ]

So should I just work on .TEXT 0.95?

I have a ton of modifications I want to do to the source of my blog to make it more closely suit my needs (comment spam removal, POP3 entry submission along with some search & perf enhancements, improving layout for Firefox etc...)) - but I've been holding off, waiting for Community Server :: Blogs before spending any amount of time on this stuff - but there seems to be no sign of this being released and no recent updates on when this will change.It does look really cool though!Hmm...still in two minds, dues to the way .TEXT is currently structured, loosely...

posted @ Sunday, November 14, 2004 7:52 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .TEXT ]

Konfabulator Rules!

I have to admit, I was sceptical about yet another desktop widget type thing but man, Konfabulator is just brilliant! The user experience right from install right through to using the widgets, memory footprint etc is just perfect. This also shows a problem with bits like the Longhorn sidebar and my current favourite, DesktopSidebar, namely, the stuff is all in one place...anyway, I plan to use this for a while, let you know how I get on - but I really encourage you to try it out! This is how my desktop currently looks (oh, the background is from DeviantArt )...

posted @ Monday, November 08, 2004 11:07 PM | Feedback (0) |

I'm not dead, promise here's a little code snippet to prove it!

I've been incredibly busy at work lately and I really will get back to this blog soon. Anyway, came across this little bit of code whilst combing through an old backup, it basically lets you make a file of any size with any name (file contains totally random, non-compressible data) - I used it for testing uploading functions - oh, it's a winforms app before I forget :-):using System;using System.Drawing;using System.Collections;using System.ComponentModel;using System.Windows.Forms;using System.Data;using System.IO;using System.Security.Cryptography; namespace DummyFileMaker{    /// <summary>    /// Summary description for Form1.    /// </summary>    public class Form1 : System.Windows.Forms.Form    {        private System.Windows.Forms.TextBox FileSize;        private System.Windows.Forms.Button MakeFileButton;   ...

posted @ Monday, November 08, 2004 5:48 PM | Feedback (0) |

Testing out Colin Coller's new CopySourceAsHtml release...

Looks like the definitive method for formatting source for blogs has been made! The new version adds a whole lot of stuff (from Colin's blog): You can turn word wrapping on and off. If "wrap words" is checked, lines are rendered in <p> blocks. Otherwise, lines are rendered in <pre> blocks. Check this if your blog layout isn't wide enough for your code.You can strip line breaks from the generated HTML. Handy if your blog software converts newlines automatically.You can add additional RSS rules to the file, line, and block styles. Use this to add borders, scroll bars, etc. to...

posted @ Wednesday, November 03, 2004 3:11 AM | Feedback (0) |

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