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Hurry before it's gone...brilliant 'This Land' parody...

This is just brilliant...I have as much interest in American politics as I do in football (which is just a little greater than the interest I have in the hundred years war- none). This is just incredibly funny though...apparently it's getting sued for something or other (as usual) it could be gone at any time...

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An apology...

Sorry I haven't been posting much, I'm cranking out a bunch of code for work, and therefore haven't been trawling the web as much. Some things I have been using though include this great tree collection, looking at a really interesting article on 15Seconds on Client Side Web Services in IE, playing with ComponentArts' Snap Control ; which lets you move stuff around on your page a la MyMSN - handy for a page editor I'm planning where you can shift user controls around...Oh, and I love these:Don't these count as 'parody' and should therefore be protected by the First Amendment???

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What is the smallest Windows Powered device?

Thinking about this today, my MPx200 is pretty small - but then I've heard about another, smaller, what *is* the smallest windows powered device on the planet? What's the smallest one that can run .NET? UPDATE: Hmm, probably one of the Spot Watches...nothing smaller? We can't have the Java Powered iButton be smaller can we!!!

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Prediction: A sudden change of policy leading to an interim release of Internet Explorer in 5-8 months

Don't ask me why, it's just something in the air which makes me believe that Microsoft will want to release a new version of Internet Explorer over and above the one packaged in XP SP2...with better standards compliance and stability...anyway, I'll leave this post here and revisit in a few months...

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Toil and trouble...

This is another one of my 'gripe' posts I'm afraid...Been working on the app I mentioned previously - having to rearchitect some of my stuff to support 'instances' of objects instead of links to their concrete definitions...big fun! So, I'm about to pack it in for tonight (it's 2:15am right now...and I'm VERY tired). I also just posted a comment on Brendan's blog about the whole UI stuff...this is a subject I'm really interested in and plan to revisit in the future. I think I want to approach this type of thing by using a 'metaphor' approach - first thing, re-read...

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I hateses the horrible interfaces.

I'm in a bit of a mental fug, as I've griped about before, I work in a very small company which results in my having to do a whole bunch of different stuff - I'm currently trying to work out the best way to present a user interface for an application I'm writing; and I'm having a few 'issues' with it.The odd bitr is that I've just finished writing a pretty involved chunk of work creating an application framework upon which this and a number of future products for my company will be based - and I'm finding the mental shift...

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Patterns and Practices...suck!

I think I've made it pretty clear in the past that I think that one of the weakest areas of the Microsoft 'developer experience' is the Patterns & Practices area, don't believe me? OK, try and find an article about the Singleton pattern on the site; hint, don't use the Search feature, it returns a link to the Caching Application block for 'Singleton' and nothing at all for 'Singleton Pattern'! When you do manage to find it (here), you may notice a few things:1. It doesn't really explain where / why you'd want to use it, here's the 'Context' 'You are building an application...

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Article on CodeProject on adding a Zip filter to Web Services

This is really a pretty slick way of adding Zip support to all .NET web service calls (which I've just noticed also references an old post of mine yay!). Even though this is very slick, I still yearn for a way to apply a simple modification to the proxy class to support the native HTTP 1.1 compression stuff...anyone...?

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Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics

One of those 'blog of a blog' posts, but I unashamedly love this...recreated is the full post... Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics Some guy Shane posted "Isaac Hayes' 3 Laws of Robotics" as a comment to this blog entry on Engadget. I laughed out loud.A robot must risk his neck for his brother man, and may not cop out when there's danger all about. A robot must be a sex machine to all the chicks, except where such actions conflict with the will of his main woman. A robot must at all times strive to be one bad motha-shutchyomouth.(As...

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When designers go bad...

I was perusing the Paperchase site today (looking for the very specific notebook I like to carry around) - this is a perfect example of design over function take a look at it, tell me why couldn't they just stick to a normal catalogue? Oh, and try to find a black bound a5 squared notebook which they definetly sell- I couldn't!

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Eliminating SQL Injection...

Read on Stefan Demetz's blog about a movement afoot to lobby Microsoft to change how textboxes allow passed in data. See here for the comment. Sorry but I think this is a plain awful idea and is very reminiscent of the horrible RequestValidation nonsense introduced in .NET 1.1. I am in favour of a simple method of encrypting and validating QueryString input such as presented here (apart from the fact that it used 3DES - DO NOT DO THIS! 3DES is MUCH slower and not as secure as AES). So what's my problem with changing the default behaviour of input controls? Simple, three...

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Gotta love overclocking!

Just 'upgraded' my server by some deft memory swapping and an overclock...I'm really impressed with my little Shuttle machine, now it sports an Athlon 1800+ overclocked to 1.91GHz - this makes it as fast as a 2600+ for no money down (don't worry, I am monitoring the temp using CoolMon and MBM and it's doing just fine). Anyway, until I can budget some cash for a proper upgrade (possibly a total replacement with one of the new Shuttle Athlon 64 machines), it's running with 768Mb (unfortunately stolen from my dev machine which is also now stuck at 768Mb) and this Oc'd...

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Woohoo! Just updated my mpx200 to Windows Mobile 2003 (totally illegally of course!)

I don't usually condone this sort of thing but the providers have been incredibly tardy in releasing the Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for the Motorola mpx200 so when I saw that a site was offering a download (and that there were lots of positive forum comments) I decided to have a go. This only works for Europe - so no GSM 900 support! Anyway, it seems to work perfectly, my phone is a lot more responsive and now I can have the .NET Compact Framework on my phone! If you want to have a go (and don't blame me if...

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I Suck!

Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry I've been negelecting you my lovely reader. There's just a whole lot to play with at the moment, just got a reasonably priced Video Camera, my lovely bike, been playing with VS.NET 2005 Beta 1, getting a new deployment (and tracking down a deadlock) on this site and finally playing with Adobe Premiere Pro - which is just awesome, if you've been stuck with Windows Movie Maker, try a real editing package! well as that I've been looking into SQL Hierarchies using something called 'Nested Sets' by Joe Celko - this really is the best way I've seen of doing...

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