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The Imposter Syndrome

This is an excellent article - I think many of us (certainly I have) have on occasion felt like the article describes.

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Whidbey Info made public

Read on Robert McLaws blog that some Whidbey information (next version of Visual Studio and .NET) has been made public . I can't wait for this to come out - it really is a massive improvement - I also can't wait to be able to talk about it and use it on real sites :-)

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This is also pretty nice :-P

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FreeTextBox - A Richtext control for ASP.NET

This is a wonderful project, providing a Rich Text Editor for the ASP.NET community. If you can afford to contribute to this project, please do (I plan to very soon :-P). Essentially it provides an embedded HTML editor which you can use in any ASP.NET (oh, and ASP 3.0) project. Even if you don't plan to use it, have a look at the sourcecode - as an example of how to create a ServerControl its' pretty cool...

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New Blog on Graphic Apps Development (and 'other') in Managed Code

Cool new Blog - by David Notario

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Excellent Article on the DAAB - doesn't mention the bug!

Here's an article on 4Guysfromrolla about the DAAB (don't know what that is, click on the link!

posted @ Tuesday, July 29, 2003 10:08 AM | Feedback (0) |

Caching in Classic ASP / HTML

This is a really useful resource . On cachig and Meta tags in general.

posted @ Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:19 AM | Feedback (0) |

Accessibility again...

Just noticed over at .NET Weblogs, Paschal links to Jim Byrne with a collection of articles on web design and accessibility.

posted @ Tuesday, July 29, 2003 7:40 AM | Feedback (0) |

Data Access Block Version 2 Bug

Noticed this on .NET weblogs, a post about a bug in the DAAB V2

posted @ Monday, July 28, 2003 5:58 PM | Feedback (0) |

Accessibility in ASP.NET

I've recently been following a thread on accessibility in ASP.NET - now this is a pretty important subject for any web developer. It is illegal not to make your site accessible and can lead to a hefty fine! At the moment, ASP.NET pretty much sucks for accessibility - which means ASP.NET pretty much sucks for doing much work for the government / large companies who care (i.e., have to care) about accessibility (no, plain text versions don't qualify - you're still technically discriminating against the user who can't use all the flashy features). If anyone has any links to publicly available...

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Spending the day coding...(and .NET 1.0.3705.352 bug!)

I'm working...hmm...thought I'd mention a very odd bug I came across yesterday at work - which had me puzzled for about a day and a half... I had written an application (the Portal I've mentioned before - The Education Community), which uses the Data Access Application Block to provide the DAL - which I highly recommend. Anyway, ...

posted @ Saturday, July 26, 2003 8:59 AM | Feedback (0) |

C# Code Formatter (actually vb too...)

Very useful...

posted @ Monday, July 21, 2003 10:23 AM | Feedback (0) |

File Download

ASP.NET has a problem with file downloads...basically if you use Response.WriteFile(fileName), the entire file is buffered in memory before its' downloaded - this is NOT good for scalability. To get round that proble, here's some code which could be used for file download - it looks the file download, only downloading chunks at a time. Also checks that the client is connected before sending the next chunk... private void DownloadFile(Guid itemId) { ...

posted @ Monday, July 21, 2003 9:38 AM | Feedback (0) |

Great SQL Tool

I'm currently generating an update procedure for an installed site - this involves generating a change script for the DB to make the deployed one the same as the new, modified one (yes, I know you should create change scripts as you go along...well I was on holiday for 2 weeks and the other developer on the project didn't). Anyway, if you have to do this on a reasonably large SQL Server 2000 Db, I can't recommend AdeptSQL Diff highly enough, I've tried 4 (count them, FOUR!)...

posted @ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 8:01 AM | Feedback (0) |

Stop the new phone sucks...badly

Well, its' back in its' box, waiting to get sent back. The phone just plain sucks - OK, the have this swish new high-speed network - does it support internet access...umm...nope. The battery literally lasts like 4 hours, the UI is just plain the worst I have ever seen on anything anwhere. It looks like a bargain (£35 for 750 minutes of cross-network calls!),...

posted @ Tuesday, July 15, 2003 2:05 PM | Feedback (0) |

New Mobile..hmm... a new swish 3G mobile phone, the NEC e606, got a pretty good deal - works out cheaper than my old phone with a GPRS package - but with 10 times tha bandwidth and no restrictions on VPN ports which my old orange phone had...Have to say though, that the UI is the most unfriendly one I've ever used - for instance, the...

posted @ Tuesday, July 15, 2003 6:03 AM | Feedback (0) |


As I've written about a hundred times now. I'm currently rebuilding this site - don't stop reading, I really am this time! So, I'm in the process of defining an architecture - rebuilding the site is more about my playing with some new technologies rather than actually making a site thats' for anything. The architecture I choose will have many of the features I'd expect to see in ASP.NET 2.0 - with a view to converting once I get the bits. The way it is currently going is to use a version of MasterPages , maybe taking a few pointers from Paul Wilsons...

posted @ Monday, July 14, 2003 10:04 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET ]

Simple but useful article...IsNumeric

As we all know, C# lacks an IsNumeric method, this article at AspAlliance looks at various methods of doing this and benchmarks them to find the quickest...

posted @ Friday, July 11, 2003 8:24 AM | Feedback (0) | or

This discussion on Slashdot has finally made my mind up. I have been a reader of Slashdot for a number of years, I believe I started reading it in the first month it existed. I'm even one of the smallish number of people who subscribes. The eternal Microsoft bashing whey now indulge in is getting very boring - when is the last time anyone wrote a story not actively criticising Microsoft on that site. I have in the past worked with Solaris and have ...

posted @ Tuesday, July 08, 2003 2:38 PM | Feedback (0) |

Geek Jokes...

There really are some! Found at Joel On Software... I especiallt love this one... "Computers are high-speed idiots, programmed by low-speed idiots"

posted @ Tuesday, July 08, 2003 11:44 AM | Feedback (0) |

Data Access Application Block V2

Just noticed over at Devhawk that V2 of the DataAccessApplicationBlock has been released... Just When You Thought It Was Safe... The prescriptive guidance is coming fast...

posted @ Tuesday, July 08, 2003 9:33 AM | Feedback (0) |

Application Blocks...again...probably...

I've written about these before, but if you are planning to develop any sort of ASP.NET / other .NET based app, you can save yourself a whole heap of time an aggrovation by having a look at the .NET application blocks, for instance the Data Access Application Block provides a very useful (and quick...and free source) satatring point for any DAL. ...

posted @ Monday, July 07, 2003 6:30 AM | Feedback (1) |

I'm back...

Well, had a very restful holiday...back to work now though. In typical Scottish fashion (well Edinburgh), it's raining outside. So, plans for the next few days include learning more about mobile controls...extending my winforms knowledge and generally working on some projects which interest me. Unfortunately it also looks like I'm going to have to rebuild my...

posted @ Monday, July 07, 2003 5:10 AM | Feedback (0) |

Back Soon!

I'm currently on holiday - hence no new entries. Be back in a few days - lots of cool stuff on Pocket PC programming with the Compact Framework coming up :-)

posted @ Tuesday, July 01, 2003 1:15 PM | Feedback (0) |

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