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May 2003 Entries

Monday...the unmotivated day!

Feeling a bit unmotivated. I spent the weekend finishing RC2 of this portal application we're working on (stay tuned, I'll be able to tell you more soon...including some code tips!). As a result I'm not really in a coding mood today - I'm very mood driven. So, good news is I've been surfing and have found some brilliant links! ...

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In a writing mood...sorry!

I really have to start writing in this thing every day.... I wrote the previous entry about the Matrix and it got me thinking - I am waiting to see the Matrix Reloaded until I can go with my Dad. THis may seem strange, that a 30 year old guy goes to see films with his Dad, but its something I love to do. ...

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Everybody has been writing about it...this is the best Matrix screensaver I've ever seen (and I've seen a LOT...sad obsessive, perhaps :-)) link

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CS Degrees...

Just read an entry over on Sara Williams blog regarding CS degrees and developers. I read an essay a few weeks ago by Paul Graham called Hackers & Painters, which basically puts forward the view that developers are not just engineers. I admit that in some areas, the 'engineer' developer is vcaluable - production line software in...

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I really should be sleeping

I should be asleep...well that was the plan. I have a project to complete tomorrow - well, I'll be doing QA all weekend and bug-hunting etc...but the development will finish tomorrow. We're trying to sort out our development proces at the moment at work, we're quite a small company and our clients appreciate our agile, flexible approach ...

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I'm I write this I'm sitting in bed watching 'Pet Rescue' - which for those who don't know is a show about a pet rescue center... I hate being ill - I kind of know the reason this time - too little sleep, too much stress has knackered my immune system (it's happened before). So I just have to chill for a while...

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